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      Can You Escape?

      Use logic, skill, speed and teamwork to complete the tasks required to walk out the final door before the hour ends.

      Race the Clock

      With 60 minutes on the clock, you and your team must work together and escape before time runs out. Can you escape?

      Get Immersed

      Each completely unique room lets you become part of the scenario whether you’re escaping a castle under siege or firing torpedoes at incoming nuclear submarines!


      Price: $25 including taxes with a minimum of 4 paid admissions per booking.

      An escape room is a real-life game experience where you and your group are trapped in a mysterious room surrounded by skill testing puzzles. You are given one hour to solve your way through the room and escape!

      The Real Escape features story-driven gameplay, which allows us to engage teams of all shapes and sizes. We believe that the overall experience should be entertaining, challenging, and thematically immersive for each player. Our escape rooms contain atmospheric elements and technology that create a whole new level of adventure and gameplay. It’s a great event for friends, families, students and work groups.

      Note: A deposit equal to one person’s admission is required at the time of booking

      THE TEAM

      • Friends and Family

        Whether you're looking for a new adventure with your family, or you're just tired of staring at screens with your friends, let The Real Escape get you out of your comfort zone.

      • Gamers & Puzzle Enthusiasts

        The Real Escape provides sophisticated, high-level games that will challenge even the most hardcore gamers. If just escaping isn’t enough, try to beat one of our rooms’ fastest time records!

      • Corporate Groups

        Your team will never work together the same way again after playing one of our games. The Real Escape is a great way to strengthen relationships and boost morale among co-workers while being more fun than your average team building activity.

      • Student Groups

        We find the participants who do the best in our environments are students. With a heavy emphasis on problem solving, math skills, and teamwork, student groups will do a tremendous amount of learning without even knowing it.

      • Tourists and Travelers

        A must stop destination while you're in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Located near a variety of hotels and restaurants, The Real Escape can add an extra bit of adventure to any vacation.


      Los Angeles 1947

      Group size 4-8
      * Beginner Version Available

      The Mine

      Group size 4-8


      Group size 4-8
      * Beginner Version Available

      The Ruins

      Group size 4-8
      * Beginner Version Available

      The Pyramid

      Group size 4-8
      * Beginner Version Available

      Abandoned Station

      Group size 4-8
      * Beginner Version Available

      The Castle

      Group size 4-8
      * Beginner Version Available

      London 1888

      Group size 4-8